View Trend Lines

View Trend Lines of In Connection Readers
(Must have an account at Hacker’s Diet Online to view)

Using a weight-loss trend line is a great way to track your progress!

Note:  You can give me any first name that you want to go by along with your pseudonym if you don’t want other readers to know who you are but still want feedback.  In Connection will not disclose your identity to others.  Use the Contact form to send me your information and I will add it to this page.

To view trend lines log in to your Hacker’s Diet account, click Utilities and enter the pseudonym  you want to view where it says Access public account name:

Mona’s Trend Line:   Epsilon Shulzhenko (to view my trend line data and charts)
Kristy’s’s Trend Line:   Sigma Tangba

  1. Great start Kristy (Sigma Tangba)! Leave your feedback for Kristy by replying to this comment.


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