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Are We There Yet?

I have been on my weight loss journey for the past 22 months. During that time people would often ask me, “What do you eat?” and I would simply answer “Real food…no grains, sugar or processed food.” I can honestly say that I was a minimalist when it came to eating. I would Read the rest of this entry

My Weight Loss Progress Pics Updated

The last progress picture I posted was from August of last year!  As I mentioned yesterday I hit a plateau so you will not notice much difference in my most recent pics but I will post them to the Photo Gallery anyways.  I don’t have pics for January or February.  In September my trend Read the rest of this entry

My August Weight-Loss Progress Pic!


Hitting a weight loss plateau. Solution? Eat more fat!

Plateaus during weight loss are part of the process. I know this. I should have expected this. I have had short plateaus over the last sixteen months but never one that lasted almost two weeks. I have been more curious than disappointed although I did say “What?!” a few times when I would get on the scale and discover that my weight was above the trend line yet again! Lol!

I thought I was doing everything the same as before except I wasn’t. With the added stress in my life I found that I was actually eating less, exercising less and sleeping less. And my body dialed down my metabolism a few notches and it was reflected in my weight loss trend line. I hit the forums I frequent and asked for advice. Someone suggested that my body was at a new set-point and to up my calorie intake for awhile and then lower it after about a week. So that’s what I am doing. My last Read the rest of this entry

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