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Paleo, Primal and Wheat Belly

Discovering that I am sensitive to grains, sugar and processed foods led me to further research where I learned what it means to eat grain-free and sugar-free. The Internet proved to be an excellent source of information and that is where I found out about the Paleo, Primal and Wheat Belly ways of eating. All three are similar in that they focus on limiting carbohydrates and eating real food with a focus on lifestyle change. I found useful information by searching all three methods. I found even more information by checking out books on these topics from my local library. After doing the two-week Insulin Resistance test and seeing such dramatic improvements I was hungry! For more information and not food!

The idea that the foods we eat have a direct impact on our health and well-being is common knowledge. The message to eat a healthy diet is delivered by governments, medical communities, food and agriculture industries, educational systems and last but not least…our parents! Likewise, it is common knowledge that people can have food allergies and have serious reactions if they ingest foods they are allergic to. But how many of us realize that we can also be sensitive to certain foods? That obesity and a myriad of other chronic health ailments can be linked to these food sensitivities? I never made the connection that my health problems were caused by the foods I was eating. It wasn’t until I removed them from my diet and had relief from my symptoms that I realized the connection. It wasn’t until I had relief from my symptoms that I realized that how I had been feeling was not just part of getting older and that I actually had control over my health. I felt empowered!

I won’t recap the three approaches to diet in detail here because I think it is important for you to do your own research and experimentation to find out what works for you. Briefly, the Paleo, Primal and Wheat Belly ways of eating focus on eating a diet similar to what our pre-agricultural ancestors ate. There are subtle differences between the methods though and I encourage you to read up on all three. I will provide links in Resources to help you get started.

The other thing to keep in mind is that all of us begin this journey at different levels of health and at different levels of knowledge. Your body may have more healing to do before you reach your optimal health. While I experienced improvements within days of going grain free it wasn’t until about three months later that I started really noticing how well I felt. Keep this in mind and go easy on yourself if you don’t get results right away. Instead, focus on how you feel and not necessarily your number on the scale.

If you are like me you may have skimmed over this page to try to find the part that tells you what you can and cannot eat. I did the same thing in my research! I wanted to get to the nuts and bolts and have someone just tell me what to do. But then I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t learn all that I needed to in one sitting. That I needed to be in learning mode for the rest of my life. My appetite for knowledge has increased dramatically and in the beginning of my weight-loss journey I felt overwhelmed at times with all the information out there. One thing I can tell you is that if I ever read a word or term that I didn’t understand I would do further research on that topic to gain more understanding. For me, it was important to take the knowledge that I gained and apply it to myself. Once I did that I realized that I was in control of my health.

I will tell you that I follow primarily the Primal Blueprint way of eating as I still eat some dairy foods. Primal Blueprint @ Mark’s Daily Apple was the first site I discovered when I started my research and there is a wealth of information there and an active community. I also follow the Wheat Belly way of eating (WOE) at times. The Wheat Belly books have been an excellent source of information and the Wheat Belly Facebook page is truly inspirational! But no amount of information taught me what I learned from my own experiences.

So, learn all that you can, eat real food, trust what your body is telling you and go easy on yourself as you learn what works and doesn’t work for you. You are your best teacher after all!

Disclaimer: The information on is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure or replace medical advice. Any views or testimonials expressed on, by the owner, is either from personal experience or from information found via the World Wide Web. It is recommended that you seek advice from a trained medical professional before starting any new fitness/weight loss program.

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