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Lessons Learned in My Life

May 9th was my two-year anniversary.  Two years of eating grain-free and sugar-free…but the truth is that in the past year I lied to myself.  I really haven’t been 100% grain free.  I didn’t “relapse” but there were foods that I ate that I should have known not to.  And I included fruit in my diet far too often than I should have.  I embraced cooking grain-free recipes from scratch and then ate too much of what I cooked.  From May to October I had a steady downward weight loss and then I flat-lined.  Partly because of the reasons stated above but also because I didn’t make myself my biggest cheerleader.

My 2-Year Anniversary Pic - 150 Pounds Gone!

My 2-Year Anniversary Pic – 150 Pounds Gone!

I let my emotions get in the way of achieving my goals.  But like all of life’s lessons I can now see the good in my situation.  I learned that I am the only person that I need positive feedback from.  Feedback from others is a plus but I should not expect it…should not let it influence my goals.  Once I came to terms with that my weight loss picked up where I left off.

Like last year at this time I missed my goal by five pounds.  But I am happy and proud of my 150 pound weight loss.  Almost half-my-size!!

My March, 2015 Progress Pic

Happy that my plateau has ended and I am on my way again!  Down four pounds this month and every weigh-in was below my trend-line!

My March Pic

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