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Thyroid Issues After All

Proud of my 150-pound weight loss!

Proud of my 150-pound weight loss!

I’ve been taking time to deal with some health issues recently.  It turns out I still have thyroid issues.  I was misdiagnosed years ago as Hypothyroid and only recently found out that I have Hashimoto’s, the autoimmune disease that is the cause of 90% of Hypothyroidism.  So I’ve been working with my doctor and doing research on possible causes so I can be put on the correct medication.

One change that I have made is to go dairy-free.  I love my cheese and full-fat heavy whipping cream but it has been surprisingly easier than I thought to remove these from my diet.  Hopefully I can add some things back after my gut has more time to heal.  Who knows?  Maybe this is the reason for my weight loss stalling.  I have 35 more pounds to lose ~ Fingers crossed!

One thing I have learned on my weight loss journey is to be open to change.  How are some of you dealing with dietary changes?  Do you find it easier to go cold turkey or to make gradual changes?  I’m open to suggestions!

Stress Triggers and Weight Loss

It’s no secret.  Stress can cause all kinds of havoc in our lives and manifest itself in ways we don’t expect.  Stress can be caused from ongoing issues or unexpected circumstances.  For some people it causes anxiety and depression and for others it translates into more physical Read the rest of this entry

Setbacks in Weight Loss Planning

Let’s face it. Planning for weight loss takes some effort if we want to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. But sometimes things turn out differently and you just need to go with it and move on. Yesterday I didn’t pack a lunch for work. I didn’t plan my week this past weekend Read the rest of this entry

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