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My Weight Loss Progress Pics Updated

The last progress picture I posted was from August of last year!  As I mentioned yesterday I hit a plateau so you will not notice much difference in my most recent pics but I will post them to the Photo Gallery anyways.  I don’t have pics for January or February.  In September my trend Read the rest of this entry

My August Weight-Loss Progress Pic!


Hitting a weight loss plateau. Solution? Eat more fat!

Plateaus during weight loss are part of the process. I know this. I should have expected this. I have had short plateaus over the last sixteen months but never one that lasted almost two weeks. I have been more curious than disappointed although I did say “What?!” a few times when I would get on the scale and discover that my weight was above the trend line yet again! Lol!

I thought I was doing everything the same as before except I wasn’t. With the added stress in my life I found that I was actually eating less, exercising less and sleeping less. And my body dialed down my metabolism a few notches and it was reflected in my weight loss trend line. I hit the forums I frequent and asked for advice. Someone suggested that my body was at a new set-point and to up my calorie intake for awhile and then lower it after about a week. So that’s what I am doing. My last Read the rest of this entry

The Final Fifty!

It’s hard to believe that I am only 50 pounds away from my goal weight of 125 pounds.  It’s even harder to believe that I have already lost 135 pounds.  I know that the months ahead are going to be difficult.  I know that my biggest challenge will be maintaining my new weight once Read the rest of this entry

My July Weight Loss Progress Pic

Thank you to the response to my new blog! I’m excited to share my story with you and hear about your successes and struggles. I can’t promise a regular posting schedule (more on that later) but I will try to post at least weekly. You will notice that I have pages linked on the top Read the rest of this entry

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