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What Goes Up Must Come Down!

In my previous post I talked about needing to get to my goal weight after getting their once and now needing to do it all over again.   Read on to find out how and why I gained 205 pounds after reaching my goal. Read the rest of this entry

Getting to My Goal Weight – Twice!

Recently I signed up for the Fox 2 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge which starts on March 30th.  As I approach my 2-Year Grain-Free Anniversary in May I have a few short-term goals on the Read the rest of this entry

My Weight Loss Journey Continues

I’m not sure where to start with this blog post.  I can’t believe it has been over five months!  During that time I had many things to deal with and as such my weight loss efforts suffered.  I plateaued for four months but my weight stayed the same overall.  I went through a second Read the rest of this entry


Welcome to my weight loss blog. No, that isn’t quite right. Because this will be about so much more than my number on the scale on any given day. Yes, I have lost considerable weight – 133 pounds so far. But I have gained so much more in the process! It would be hard for me to tell Read the rest of this entry

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