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Some Things You Never Forget

One of my goals this year is to be more active. Spring and summer are way too short here in Michigan and since I am not a fan of winter sports I need to take advantage while the weather cooperates. In Michigan that could be five minutes or five days! So, to support my goal and to celebrate my 150 weight loss I bought myself a bike.

Test driving it behind the bike shop was fun, once I realized it was in 7th gear and changed it to a lower setting. Can’t say I like the safety helmet they made me wear! Lol! But once I got going it was like, well…like riding a bike. You never forget…and I didn’t. 🙂 So I ordered white fenders, a white basket, a water bottle and holder, a zippered pouch and a bell (so people know to get out of my way!) Then I had to order a trailer hitch and a bike rack for my car so I can get to all the bike trails I want to check out.

Mona_New Bike

Test riding my new bike!

Of course it’s been over a week and it’s still in the shop getting the accessories added on and wouldn’t you know it, the weather forecast promises five days with no rain. Everything is done except the basket is on back-order…and my bike rack for my car hasn’t been delivered yet. So here I sit anxiously waiting for the bike shop to call and tell me it’s ready to be picked up, hopefully within the next five days…otherwise I may be ordering an umbrella for it! Lol! What are some fun activities that you do to be more active? I need more ideas for my bucket list…please share!

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