Hard Boiled Eggs in an Instant…Pot

Making hard-boiled eggs in my Instant Pot pressure cooker was so easy!

Making hard-boiled eggs in my Instant Pot pressure cooker was so easy!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make hard-boiled eggs for your salads or for decorating this Easter consider using your pressure cooker!  It was amazingly easy and only took 5 minutes.  I used the recipe posted on the Instant Pot website and was thrilled that they turned out perfect and so easy to peel.

I’ve tried so many ways to boil eggs over the years and they never turned out.  I am hard-boiled-egg challenged!  Lol!  These eggs were so easy to make that I couldn’t stop…now I have 15 hard-boiled eggs!  And now I want to color them for Easter instead of using them for my salads. 🙂

These took five minutes using the steam function of my Instant Pot pressure cooker.  The recipe said to use something metal to keep the eggs separated like mason jar rings or cookie cutters.  I ended up getting small basket sink drainers from the dollar store and put an egg in each “basket.”  I’ve also seen people use rolled foil to keep them separated.

I selected the steam function, set it for five minutes (four minutes for soft-boiled eggs) and then manually let the steam out per the instructions on the Instant Pot website.  Placing  a wet towel over the top helped as they explain.  Transfer to cold water, peel and refrigerate.  I cooked both fresh eggs and eggs that were nearing expiration and both turned out great.

Making hard-boiled eggs for Easter, deviled eggs or egg salad just got a whole lot easier!

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