What Goes Up Must Come Down!

In my previous post I talked about needing to get to my goal weight after getting their once and now needing to do it all over again.   Read on to find out how and why I gained 205 pounds after reaching my goal.

Going Up Phase (aka So Gradual I Didn’t Even Notice) – 14 Years:  Gain of 60 Pounds

They say everything is easier in your twenties right?  Well at the age of 22 I was determined to lose the baby weight I had gained after my two pregnancies.  I worked out, ate a balanced diet and got down to 105 pounds. I would joke around and tell everyone that it was because I was running around chasing after two toddlers.  I was so busy I didn’t notice the steady but slow gain.

In 1984 I decided to go back to work.  It was the perfect situation too…I was contingent and only had to work as needed.  And I dabbled in cake decorating.  Three words…butter cream frosting.  Lol!  Eventually I started working full time and my weight started creeping up more.

In 1989 I transferred to a different position, we moved to a new house and I started picking up extra hours at work.  Healthy eating and exercising were not on my to-do list!  Who had time for that?  I did notice that my weight was increasing and eventually joined Weight Watchers and lost some of the weight but things were about to go from bad to worse.

Rocket Phase (aka Sleep? What’s That?) – 7 Years:  Gain of 115 Pounds

In 1996 I transferred to a new position at work and started back to school to get my Associates Degree.  The kids were in high school still but graduation and college expenses loomed ahead so I kept working full time.  A few years later, when my husband lost his job and his health started failing, I started an online business in digital design.  By then I was working on my Bachelor’s degree.  Let me recap…I had a home and family to take care of, a full-time day job, was a part-time college student, and had homework to do and an online business to run.  By 2003 I had gained 115 more pounds!  Fast Food was a way of life for me…breakfast, lunch and dinner.  No time to cook?  Carry-out.  No time to sleep?  Late-night snacking to keep myself awake during study and/or design sessions.  I knew I was morbidly obese.  I just couldn’t see how to add anything more to my day.

Yo-Yo Phase (aka Gained and Lost the Same Thirty Pounds) – 10 Years:  No Change!

The next ten years brought on more issues.  My husband couldn’t work because of his health.  My own health was starting to suffer because of the added weight I was carrying.  I started having issues with my thyroid and was borderline diabetic.  My knees hurt, my back hurt, everything hurt!

I retired from designing but still kept working toward my degree.  When my parents became ill school had to be put on hold so I could take care of them and my husband.  Taking care of me was not an option.

I made a few attempts at Weight Watcher’s, gaining and losing the same thirty pounds.  This time fast food wasn’t the issue because we simply couldn’t afford the expense.  Most of the meals I cooked involved some type of grain or pasta because it was affordable.  I didn’t realize then that I was sensitive to grains and sugar!

Getting Down Phase (aka Grain-Free / Sugar-Free Phase) – 2 Years:  Loss of 140 Pounds and Counting!

In 2013 I hit my lowest point…I couldn’t see my future…couldn’t imagine what my life would be like in another ten or fifteen years.  Discovering that I was sensitive to grains and sugar was life changing for me.  Losing weight helped me regain my confidence and reversed most of my health issues  Learning how to move my body again with the help of physical therapy was a huge part of my success.  Family and friends became my strongest supporters in my weight loss journey and still are.

Final Phase (aka I’ve Got This!) – 45 Pounds to Go!

Looking back I can’t help but wonder if I could have done things differently.  Back then I never considered adding more to my already full plate (pun not intended!)   If someone would have told me back then that I would eventually weigh 310 pounds I probably would have just shrugged it off.  At that time I wasn’t the priority…everything else was..and I paid dearly for that decision.  The only reason that I have lost 140 pounds is by putting myself first…something I should have done years ago.

But life goes on and sometimes we have to deal with situations beyond our control.  Recently I have had many situations to deal with…the holidays, the loss of my job, the decision to retire and more.  Despite the added stress I maintained my weight instead of gaining it back.  I didn’t stop taking care of myself…and that is how I know I’m going to be okay…no matter what my future holds.  I can’t predict the future but I do know that it includes the continuation of my weight loss journey and me reaching my goals.

In the next few days I will post photos of me during each of these phases in the gallery including my March progress picture!  Be sure to follow this blog or my Facebook Page to be notified.  ~ Mona

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