Getting to My Goal Weight – Twice!

Recently I signed up for the Fox 2 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge which starts on March 30th.  As I approach my 2-Year Grain-Free Anniversary in May I have a few short-term goals on the horizon so I figured I have nothing to lose except more weight!

  • 10 pounds – From Clinically Obese I to Overweight!
  • 15 pounds – Half my size!
  • 35 pounds – Normal weight!
  • 45 pounds – Goal weight of 125 pounds!

I’m excited about the challenge and about being a part of the challenge Facebook Group (1,900+ members and counting!)  So why am I also sad?

Over the last few days I’ve reflected about how far I have come in my weight-loss journey.  I have improved in so many areas, some expected and some surprising.  But by looking back I had to take a close look at how I ended up morbidly obese in the first place.  Which makes me sad.

From a Size 4 to Size 32

From a Size 4 to Size 32

Growing up I had always been overweight.  I lost some weight after leaving high school.  I got married and started a family and ended up gaining back the weight I lost.  I hit the gym, went on a diet and got down to 105 pounds – a size 4!!  But over the next 30(+) years I gained 205 pounds and hit my high weight of 310 pounds in 2010…a size 32!!  How?  Why?

I looked at old photographs and my weight loss graph and the memories came flooding back.  The accountant in me had to analyze the data so that is what I did.  And the answers surprised me.  I thought I would discover some unique fact about my situation…something that would explain away the pounds…I was looking for an excuse.  I already knew that part of the reason for the gain was because I had just stopped caring about myself.  But that is not entirely true.  Because I did care…I just didn’t care enough to make myself a priority. Some things were out of my control but many things were in my control.  Looking back now I can see all the mistakes I made.

My dramatic weight gain did not happen gradually over 30(+) years.  It happened like this:

Stealth Phase (aka So Gradual I Didn’t Even Notice) – 14 Years:  Gain of 60 Pounds

Years Weight From / To Gain / (Loss)
1982 – 1984 105 – 125 20
1984 – 1994 125 – 170 45
1994 – 1995 170 – 190 20
1995 – 1996 190 – 165 (25)

Rocket Phase (aka Sleep? What’s That?) – 7 Years:  Gain of 115 Pounds

Years Weight From / To Gain / (Loss)
1996 – 2003 165 – 280 115

Yo-Yo Phase (aka Gained and Lost the Same Thirty Pounds!) – 10 Years:  No Change

Years Weight From / To Gain / (Loss)
2003 – 2008 280 – 295 15
2008 – 2009 295 – 270 (25)
2009 – 2010 270 – 310 40 Highest Weight 310
2010 – 2013 310 – 280 (30)

Getting Down Phase (aka Grain-Free / Sugar-Free Phase) – 2 Years:  Loss of 140 Pounds and Counting!

Years Weight From / To Gain / (Loss)
2013 -2015 280 – 170 (110)

Looking back made me sad but you know what?  Looking forward makes me happy!  I know I am headed in the right direction to achieve my goals of health and happiness.

Tomorrow I will take a closer look at the reasons for my weight gain and share some photos with you.  Join me?  In the meantime, head over to the Fox 2 Challenge Facebook Group.  What do you have to lose?

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