Clothes Shopping During Weight Loss

Early on in my weight loss journey I ended up having to buy new clothes.  I just didn’t have much in the way of smaller sizes in my clothes closet.  I had been at my high weight and a size 32 for so long that I had gotten rid of many of my smaller sizes.  I was losing 8-10 pounds a month steadily and didn’t have much of a budget for new clothes so I hit the thrift stores!  It fit my needs perfectly.  I would go in and buy clothes to fit my current size and eventually I started buying clothes several sizes smaller in anticipation of losing more weight.

Over time I developed a clothing criteria that I would use when shopping. Pants couldn’t have any type of elastic waist-band, had to have a newer label so I could be assured that it wasn’t too out-of-date style-wise, and couldn’t have any belt-loops or pockets (with the exception of jeans.)  If the clothing was wrinkled on the hanger I would move on to the next item.  Then there was the obvious criteria – no loose buttons and working zippers, etc.  Oh, and the pant length had to be long enough.  At 5″2″ I look for petite sizes so I don’t have to spend time making alterations.  But I discovered the hard way that you still need to check the length in case the previous owner has shortened them.  Lol!  If the clothes ended up being name-brand so-be-it but that was not my first criteria.  For tops (I’m really not into blouses) they had to have some unique design or embellishment that made it different – lacing, stitching, etc. – anything that caught my eye.

Clothes Shopping_Weight Loss_Thrift Store 1

Thrift Store Threads!

I also learned about vanity sizing during my shopping trips.  Seriously, who ever thought that was a good idea?  Oh, right, clothing manufacturers looking to attract paying customers. For those of you who do not know what vanity sizing is it’s when clothing manufacturers size their clothing smaller than what they used to be.  So it may have been a size 10 before but they have labeled it a size 6 now!  The idea is that you will buy the smaller size from one manufacturer over an item with identical measurements from another manufacturer that is sized higher!  I found this out the hard way when I bought two different sizes of jeans from the same maker and found out they were identical in measurement.  Because of this I started shopping with a cloth tape measure in hand.  I started measuring the waist-band of pants from left to right (one side only.)  I would measure each waist-band and sure enough the sizes would all be different.  But by doing this I could be assured that I was buying clothes that would fit me.

Clothes Shopping_Weight Loss_Thrift Store 2

Bought 19 tops and six pairs of slacks for only $20.83!

So today when I went shopping at the thrift store I was looking for pants 16″ across (about a size 10) and 15″ across (about a size 8.)  I fit in the size 10 now and the size 8’s will fit me in another six weeks!  And, because I had a 50%-off Entire Purchase coupon I ended up getting 19 tops (medium and small) and six pairs of pants for just $20.83!  Have I mentioned that I love shopping at the thrift store? I’ve never really been a shop-a-holic but buying clothing that I know I like in sizes that don’t fit me yet is another way I motivate myself to stay on track with losing weight. Thoughts?

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