The Final Fifty!

It’s hard to believe that I am only 50 pounds away from my goal weight of 125 pounds.  It’s even harder to believe that I have already lost 135 pounds.  I know that the months ahead are going to be difficult.  I know that my biggest challenge will be maintaining my new weight once I get there.  And I will get there!

Many people set weight-loss goals at the beginning of the year.  They set a New Year’s Resolution to shed a few pounds; usually after overdoing it during the holidays.  They start a weight-loss program and/or join a gym with the intent to get healthy.  I realized today that I am doing just the opposite.  You see my goal is to lose The Final Fifty before the New Year!  Which means I need to start planning now how I am going to handle any obstacles during the holidays.  It also means that I need to start thinking now about baking and cooking healthy, grain-free and sugar-free holiday meals.  I need to consider my work-out schedule and how I plan to stay on track during this busy time of year.  And I need to continuing tracking my trend-line which will tell me on any given day whether I am drifting away from my target date.

So how about you?  Does anyone want to join me in the months ahead?  Whether you follow a grain-free / sugar-free way of eating or not doesn’t matter.  You may be following a different plan that is working for you and that is fine.  What matters is that we can be a support to all who want to take the challenge.  The only thing I ask is that you track your weight daily using the Hacker’s Diet Online tool.  See the link in the Resources tab.  This is a great way to see your progress and help you stay on track!

Don’t let the name scare you.  The man who wrote the book and developed the tool is an engineer and the name is just a play on words.  If you sign up for an account you can start tracking your weight daily to get a trend-line like mine on the Trending tab.  More importantly, we will all be able to view each other’s trend-lines by way of a pseudonym that the site assigns should you decide you want to share your graph to get feedback from others.  Let me know in the comments below and I can add your pseudonym to the Trending tab.  If you prefer to remain anonymous you can give me a user name to associate with your trend-line and still get feedback and encouragement from others.  Details to follow depending upon feedback.  I will still share my pseudonym regardless so you can view my trend-line at any time.  So, whose ready to set a pre-New Year’s Resolution to lose weight??

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  1. Leaders inspire…….by the looks of things, you have inspired many !

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    • Knowing that I inspire others helps me feel more connected and significant. I’m trying to be the cause of what I want to happen in my life instead of just reacting to the world around me. 🙂 Thank you for your comment!


  2. Hello! I had just finished Dr. Davis’s book when I ran across you online. What an inspiration! Congratulations on your amazing success! I signed up for an account this morning. I would love to lose 40 pounds by the New Year. I have had a life hate relationship with daily weighing, but will try it to see if it is the push I need with embarking on wheat free, life long weight loss. My pseudonym is Sigma Tangba.

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    • Hi Kristy! I know what you mean about the daily weighing. Now though I just do it first thing in the morning, log it and I’m done. Once you start getting more data-points to your graph you’ll see what direction it’s going. Yesterday I weighed 170 and today I weighed 172 but that is still below my trend line weight of 173 which means it is still pulling the line down so I didn’t freak out. Lol! I added your name to the View Trend Lines page.


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