Setbacks in Weight Loss Planning

Let’s face it. Planning for weight loss takes some effort if we want to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. But sometimes things turn out differently and you just need to go with it and move on. Yesterday I didn’t pack a lunch for work. I didn’t plan my week this past weekend and hence, no lunch. So I was thrown a curve but it was of my own doing. At this point I can fast for short periods of time without feeling like I am starving so I wasn’t too concerned. Of course, just as I was accepting my no-lunch situation someone came in to work and brought lunch for the department! And just like that my situation changed. I took what was offered, minus the bread, and enjoyed a free lunch – A Mister Pita without the Pita! I didn’t plan for the meal but you know what? I didn’t let it bother me either.

When I was first deciding how to set up this blog I knew I wanted to included key areas such as food, exercise and weigh-ins. These are kinda a given though right? It’s what every weight-loss journey consists of. It’s what we base our weight loss plans on. Sometimes they are called different things but in the end they all mean the same thing – input, output and feedback. Sounds simple enough. Except that it isn’t always that simple.

All of us know that on any given day something can happen to derail our weight loss planning. Maybe you are missing a key ingredient for that favorite recipe you were planning to make. Or you had to work late so there goes your work-out. Journaling takes a back seat when you remember that the kids have an activity you need to get them to. Or you are like me and didn’t plan at all! Anything can throw a curve at your effort to eat healthy and exercise regularly. These small setbacks can cause you to rethink this whole weight loss thing. So what do you do? Throw in the towel? Give up? No. Giving up is not an option. Instead you carry on. Because whatever setback you encountered is just an opportunity to learn how to handle new situations.

How about you? Have you been thrown any curves lately? How did you handle it?

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